How to make payment via Help2Pay

1. Click on “Bank” and select “Deposit”. Take a note for your current Main Wallet’s balance prior to commit the transaction.

2. On the next screen, input the desired deposit amount and click “Submit” .Make sure you’re in “Online Payment” tab and the minimal amount to deposit via Help2Pay is VND20.000 .

3. The system will redirect you to Help2Pay Choose Bank Page ,choose your bank then click “Submit”.

4. The system will redirect you to help2pay secure online payment page .Please enter your e-banking Account Username and Password .Click ”Continue” once you have enter the correct information.

5. Your Bank will send you a Transaction Authorization Code - OTP on your Mobile Phone .Enter the OTP and click on” Confirm” button. Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in your Bank Account.

6. The system will redirect you to Payment Result page and will show your transaction result.

7. After that the system will redirect you to CMD368 Order Details Page.

8. You will receive a successful transaction message once it is approved by your Bank and your funds will be available in your CMD368 main wallet immediately.


1. To avoid disappointment.Please deposit earlier before Bank Schedule Maintenance.

2. CMD368 only accept your deposit transaction through Help2Pay secure link provided by CMD368 once you are login into CMD368 account.CMD368 reserves the right not to authorize for any deposit that was not using the secure link through CMD368.

3. Feel free to contact our Customer Service department via Live Chat shall you encounter difficulties or need further assistance from us.